PHARE Project: BG 0004.02 "Investing in Business Incubators in Declined Industrial Areas", 2002 – 2005. The project is aimed at establishing business incubators in declined industrial areas of Bulgaria, and more precisely, in the towns of: Madan, Kardjali, Vratsa, Mezdra, Belogradchik and Montana. BARDA takes the responsibility for the management of the first five incubators supported by its members.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works provides the necessary resources for the construction works of the BI premises. The Technical Assistance consultants train the Management staff of all BI.

The management of BI is as follows:

  • In Kardjali and Madan – by Regional Economic Development and Investment Agency (Kardjali);

  • In Mezdra – Business Centre for SME Support (Rousse);

  • In Belogradchik – Regional Agency for Economic Development (Blagoevgrad);

  • In Vratsa – Regional Economic Development Agency (Vratsa).

BARDA Executive Secretariat (Sofia), as well as Business Information and Consulting Centre (Sandanski) could provide additional assistance and capacity for the management of the above-mentioned business incubators.

The aim of the signed tripartite contracts among the respective municipality (represented by the mayor); RDA from BARDA network and the associations for business incubation at local level is to:

  • provide daily management of BI;

  • provide high-quality business services to the companies in BI, as well as start-ups or already existing SMEs in the region, such as consultations in the field of: marketing, advertising; distribution and sales of their products; preparation of business plans in accordance with the regional development plans and BI strategies.

The capacity for the management of BIs and provision of support services to SMEs within BARDA network is built up with the financial support of EU and the involvement of BARDA RDAs in the project is a logical continuation of the efforts of PHARE Programme for supporting the SME sector in Bulgaria.

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