2005-2007 “Capacity Building for Sustainable Land Management in Bulgaria” Project - common initiative of United Nations Development Programme, Ministry of Environment and Water and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The project is financed by the Global Environment Fund and co-financed by MoEW and supports the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification. BARDA is a partner in the frame of the project.


The project long-term development objective is to enhance the enabling environment and capacity for arresting land degradation and establishing sustainable land management practices, so as to contribute to enhancing ecosystem health, integrity, functions and services while promoting sustainable livelihoods in Bulgaria. The immediate objective of the project is to build capacity for sustainable land management, development and implementation of a coherent land policy. It focuses on mainstreaming, institutional and technical capacity building, and establishment of financial mechanisms and resource mobilization for sustainable land management.

The project expected outcomes are the following: sound land policy and a comprehensive legal and regulatory framework; institutional and technical capacity strengthened; local capacity strengthened for land planning, sustainable production, participatory decision-making, and monitoring; resources mobilized for NSAP implementation as well as innovative financial mechanisms and economic incentives.

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