PRO-CHANGE: “Innovative Pan-European Structures for Managing Economic Change and Restructuring at Local Level” (1 351 342.36 EUR), 2005 –2007: The main idea of the project is the management of change (in terms of employment, employability and entrepreneurship) caused by the economic and social restructuring at local level. It involves partners from: Greece, Italy, U.K. and Bulgaria.

The main objective of the “PRO-CHANGE” project is to contribute to the enhancement of the communication and coordination among all organizations involved in relevant initiatives and programs at a local, national and pan-European level, as well as between these organizations and the beneficiaries of the respective initiatives, through the development of a Structure that will collect information, supply appropriate anticipation and adaptation tools and ensure the cooperation and interaction of all involved entities (beneficiaries and relevant organizations).

The project aims to develop a Structure that will bring together all responsible organizations of different regions and/or countries and will promote the diffusion of knowledge and best practices among them, so as to endorse local authorities of participating countries adopt forecasting and provisional mechanisms in order to more effectively face the consequences of economic restructuring. Thus, the benefits received by the target groups will increase and all initiatives and programs currently implemented at a local, national and/or pan-European level will be exploited in the best possible way. Finally, the organizations responsible for dealing with problems caused by restructuring at a local level will be supported by active policies through training and reinforcement programs that will improve their ability and readiness to face crisis.

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