MINEM: “Meeting the Information Needs of Economic Migrants” (299 912 EUR), 2006–2008: The project aims to develop and test innovative instruments which facilitate the geographic and labour market mobility of workers and their families and remove existing obstacles to mobility. The project involves partners from: U.K. (Community Action Dacorum & East of England Development Agency), Bulgaria (BARDA), Poland (Regional Labour Office – Krakow), Portugal (Agencia de Desenvolvimento Regional de Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro) and Spain (AFIES Foundation – Fondacion Asistencial para la Formacion, Investigacion y Estudio).

The project envisages research of the complexities, needs and opportunities for migrant workers in each partner location, development of effective tools and strategies that assist in raising awareness and understanding prior to departure from home country, development of support mechanisms, appreciation and understanding of barriers and opportunities both within the workplace and wider community of the country to which the migrant worker has travelled. The project uses the results of the research to influence policy-makers and politicians at regional, national and EU levels.

More precisely, the project:

  1. Produces a series of pre-arrival information packs to assist prospective migrant workers consider the advantages and disadvantages of migrating to another country to find employment
  2. Produces DVD that includes information in the pre-arrival pack, plus more detailed information on practical implications of migration to another country displaying this in a visual format. The DVD is aimed at both migrant workers and employers in terms of using role models to communicate key messages that raise awareness. The DVD targets also policy-makers and strategists with a view to influencing and shaping future policies and legislation
  3. Holds job awareness events, networks and seminars in each partner location to engage with employers from the private and public sectors, migrant workers, support agencies and the wider community
  4. Researches in each partner location into the current position relating to migrant workers, in terms of travel patterns, numbers, areas of employment engaging, the skill sets of migrant workers and how these relate to skill shortages, barriers faced in terms of housing, language, social structures, support from the state, etc.
  5. Develops a project website to enable effective communication of project activity to a wider audience

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