EU PHARE Project “Capacity Building for the Accelerated Growth of the SME Sector in Bulgaria” (2.8 mln Euro), 2000 – 2002: the project aims to assist the creation of an improved climate for the growth of SMEs by helping to strengthen two institutions – the Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (ASME) and BARDA who form an important part of the information, training and policy-making infrastructure for the Bulgarian SME sector.

The project assists ASME, which is a governmental agency, with regards to the development of SME conducive policies and legislation, and assists BARDA in providing direct services to SMEs at regional level. Under the project, a comprehensive training program was delivered, enhancing trainers and consultants’ skills in the area of:

  • RDA Management

  • Business Consulting

  • Business Planning

  • Marketing & Sales for SMEs

  • SME Financial Analysis

  • Human Resource Management

  • Introduction to Quality Management Systems

  • Project Cycle Management

  • Financial Management of NGOs

  • Management Accounting for NGOs

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