17th – 23rd of January 2016 Ommen, The Netherlands

Erasmus +


Leading partner:  Oldevechte(Netherlands)

Synergy Bulgaria Association (Bulgaria), BARDA (Bulgaria), Sekretariat (Poland), CenBad (Poland), Udruga ZUM (Croatia), Syncro (Croatia), Youth for Creative Life (Hungary), SCAMBIEUROPEI (Italy), Futuro Digitale (Italy), Comitato d’Intesa (Italy), YMCA Bitola(Macedonia), LUZANKY (Czech Republic), United Societies of Balkans (Greece), C.A.R.E. (Greece), SYNERGY ROMANIA (Romania).

Main areas of the training

Practical and technical aspects of EVS:

How to handle logistics: accom- modation, travel, insurance

How to search for partner organizations

What I can offer to your volun- teers and how to attract them

How to write the accreditation and the application form for EVS

How to match volunteers with the values of my organization and the tasks

How to set up the Activity Agreement

Coaching methods:

How to create a rewarding system in order to keep balance between giving and taking?

What to do in the first days in order to create working culture?

How to clear the expectations with the volunteers

How to create pro-active attitude of a volunteer?

How to support a volunteer to take initiative and what are the boarders?

How to support the volunteers (free time, loneliness)

Personal development:

How to work on collaboration, self-confidence,self-expression and other aspects that determine personal and professional growth

How to recognize my qualities and limitations

How to build up good relationships in work situations

How to understand the link between individuals and organizations

How to acknowledge how my actions affect other people´s lives

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