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Municipality Centre - Sandanski

Sandanski municipality is situated in the south-western part of Bulgaria and it covers a territory of 1060 sq. m. which includes a big part of the picturesque Sandansko-Pertichka valley along the middle course of Stryama river and the western and south-western slopes of the three ridges of Pirin, the northern slopes of Slavyanka mountain and the lowest foothill regions of Malashevska mountain and Ograjden moutain.

A leading sector in the economical sphere is industry. It is represented by 20 enterprises, most of which are located in the town of Sandanski. The major industrial sectors are:

  • chemical industry
  • machine-building industry
  • food, wine and tobacco industry
  • marble extraction and marble processing industry

The chemical - pharmaceutics industry is represented by "Medika" PLC which produces dressings, shampoos, medical goods and products and others.

General information

Territory-1060 km2


The population of the town of Sandanski is 31 451 citizens, and of the villages – 16 344 inhabitants. The total number of the population permanently living in the municipality is 47 795 people. In summer the population of the town of Sandanski including the tourists and the holiday-makers reaches 60 thousand people.

Labour capacity

  • under labour capacity age-22,11 %.
  • at labour capacity age-56,42%
  • over labour capacity age-21,47%

Gender structure

  • Male
  • Female

Average salary – monthly

  • Agriculture
  • Industry
  • Service
  • National sector

Unemployment –2264 persons /11,13 % at the region/

Natural resources

The Climate in Sandanski municipality is characterized as temperately continental and a climate with a transition to a Mediterranean climate, which influence the annual distribution of the rainfalls and the temperature rate.

Along the flow of Struma river the soils are alluvial. They are suitable for growing of tobacco, vines and fruit cultures, and along the rivers - for a vegetable growing.

The mineral resources in Sandanski municipality are various and type limited. On the land of the village of Ploski and Pirin there are deposits of marbles. The mineral springs in the town of Sandanski, the village of Levunovo, the village of Hotovo and the village of Katuntsi are valuable natural gifts. Due to their hydro-carbonic and sulphur content the springs are classified in IV class according to Carstens - Alexandrov system. According to the content of biologically active substances, fluorine, and meta-silicon acid (those in the village of Hotovo are not included) they are classified in V class.

The mineral springs in the town of Sandanski are with 33?С - 83?С temperature and about 25 l/sec debit. They are used in modern sanatorium complexes. The water resources are provided by the rivers Struma, Bistritsa, Pirinska Bistritsa, Bozhdovska reka, Skjlavska reka, Leshnichka reka,Petrovska reka, Lebishka reka and Shashka reka.

Sandanska Bistritsa river is II category water resource in the region of the town of Sandanski, and out of the region - III category.

In the region of Sandanski Struma river is a resource III category and it is characterized with extremely changeable and unstable flow regime. The hydrological regime along the river is characterized with a period of high water - level from the middle of February till the beginning of July and with a period of low water-level from the beginning of July till the end of October. There is a secondary maximum of water quantities in November, December and January. The river's water is with neutral to slightly alkine reaction and pH varies from 7,0 to 7,8. Flora and fauna

The region in which Sandanski municipality is located belongs to the south Bulgarian bio geographic region - Struma-Mesta sub-region which has one of the richest variety of Mediterranean plants and animals. According to the types of zone vegetation in Bulgaria in the region prevail deciduous mixed forest and bush formations.

Developed Industrial sectors

In Sandanski municipality one of the prior sectors is the agriculture. It is due to the unique climate conditions and the fertile areas under cultivation.

The area owned by the municipality is totally 360 thousand decares. 130 thousand decares are under cultivation and 230 thousand are occupied by common pastures and pastures. The share of the agricultural lands is 40,17% or 402152 decares.

Basic cultures under cultivation are: vegetables - tomatoes, cabbage, paper, cucumbers, fruits, tobacco and beans culture - peanuts and beans, grain cultures, vine.

In a wine producing region with established traditions as Sandanski municipality is, 6973 decares are cultivated by dessert vines and 28 842 decares - by the wine ones (mainly the sorts "Merlot" and "Cabernet"). About 600 decares are the newly planted vineyards. The municipality does not possess own areas in the vine regions and this activity is entirely developed by private owners.

The recent tendency is the main means of living for the region - tobacco production to be changed with production of vine sorts. The surveys show a decrease of the number of tobacco producers as a consequence of the low purchasing price in the region and in regard of the lack of economic interest of the owners.

In Sandanski there are extremely favourable conditions for growing the traditional for the country fruits, as well as tropical pomegranate, fig-trees, olives, lemons, kiwi. Although fruit-tree areas are already a private municipal property, the general tendency is toward a constant progress in the orchards industry.

Two greenhouses function on the territory of the municipality as well, which mainly produce vegetables for the domestic market - "Melo" greenhouses with an area of 180 decare, and which are fully private and the greenhouses in the village of Levunovo with an area 30 decare, which are in a process of privatization. The founded market positions of the greenhouse production on the foreign markets are entirely lost. This sector, important not only for the municipality but also for the region, needs adequate investments and active precautions to be revived and developed.

The agricultural production is sold on the co-operative market and on the extemporaneous market-places for wholesaling along main road E-79 in the region of the village of Damyanitsa. There is an idea for establishing an co-ordinated market in the previous warehouses in the village of Damyanitsa, which is to be supplied with freezing cameras for preservation of the production.For the purpose of the idea different programmes for encouraging the agriculture, mainly by the means of the prior programmes of SAPARD.

It is of a great importance to be underlined that the planted areas in the municipality have decreased to a considerable extent. More important reasons for this are as it follows:

  1. Limited physical, technical and financial abilities of the private owner to look after and cultivate the parceled out and restituted lands.
  2. The market, not yet under control, of a non cultivated agricultural production in the region.
  3. The lack of motivation and economic interest for cooperation of the different farmers and establishment of larger co-operations, where the modern methods for land cultivation to be applied.

The yielded production satisfies the needs of the owners for fodder for the animals and food for the families themselves at 90 of a hundred. Only 10% of the production is sold with the purpose of reproduction by means of realization of the free cooperative markets. In Sandanski municipality the sale of the redundant quantities is accomplished mainly by Agricultural Production Cooperation in the village of Sklave.

The production of wheat cultures in Sanadanski municipality is of no commodity importance. The annual production of wheat for 1998-1999 is 220 kg/decare, of barley - 200 kg/decare. In the table below the production of wheat cultures for 1999-2000 is presented.

As general private owners deal with stock-breeding in Sandanski municipality. Mainly goat, sheep and cow milk, meat, wool and honey are produced as the production is only for domestic needs, except the milk. The basic reasons for this are the lack of a packing-house to stimulate the animals breeding and its sales. There is no fixed purchase of milk in bigger quantities in the municipality. Company "Bobo", a producer of yogurt and salads of yogurt and cucumbers functions in the municipality as well as a dairy in the village of Katuntsi, a producer of cheese as well. The average purchase price of milk in the region for 2000 is 0.40 BGL.

Tourism - Sandanski is situated in the south-western part of Bulgaria and it covers a territory of 1060 sq. m. which includes a big part of the picturesque Sandansko-Pertichka valley along the middle course of Stryama river and the western and south-western slopes of the three ridges of Pirin, the northern slopes of Slavyanka mountain and the lowest foothill regions of Malashevska mountain and Ograjden moutain.


The industrial enterprises (mainly in the light industry, the food, wine and tobacco industry, the timber processing industry and the textile industry), located in the industrial zone in the south-west part of the town are sources that pollute the atmosphere in the town of Sandanski, other pollutants are the fuel equipment in the catering establishments and in the residential buildings; the motor vehicles. The pollution is mainly a result from the dust and the sulphur oxide, but they influence slightly the air content in the residential neighbourhoods, because the winds are mostly from the north and north-west and blow the gases outside the town area.

Major sources of refuse waters of the industry are the enterprises in the region as the basic pollutant is "Medika" PLC, which is 20% of the total water quantity. The bigger industrial enterprises have own implemented stations for purifying of the waters which favour their protection.

The purifying station for refuse waters is located south-west of the town of Sandanski at about 2,5 km (air way) from the regulation of the town. The closest villages are the village of Struma, which is 1 km (air way) to the north-west and the village of Lebnitsa - 1,5 km to the south-west. The sewerage system is almost 100% constructed, but the sewer along Sandanska Bistritsa river is not constructed yet as well as the connection of some or several enterprises from the industrial zone with the main sewer. The sewer is constructed at about 200 m from the Purifying station for refuse waters and temporarily mouthed in Sandanski Bistritsa river.

The construction of Purifying Station for Refuse Waters is of significance for the protection of the environment and the restriction of the pollution of Struma river and Sandanska Bistritsa river. The purified waters may be used for watering during the summer season and the precipitates - for fertilizing.

Prior ecological problems

  • Construction of a city purifying station for the drinking waters (there is a developed working project and it is partially constructed).
  • Construction of a city purifying station for refuse waters (there is a developed working project).
  • Exploitation of scraps.
  • Purifying of previous pollution and re-cultivation of already exploited terrains.
  • Construction of a sewer along the left bank of Sandanska Bistritsa river (partially constructed).
  • Making projects and construction of shoots along Sandanska Bistritsa river (in the area of the city park).
  • Making projects and construction of sewerage net in the village of Dzhigurovo.
  • Construction of a sewerage net in the village of Lebnitsa, the village of Struma and the village of Valkovo (there are developed projects).
  • Reconstruction of water-conduit for watering in the park in the town of Sandanski.
  • Restoration and preservation of the biological variety.


  1. Total number of cultural clubs in the municipality - 18, one of which is in the town of Sandanski.
  2. Total number of libraries in the municipality - 18, one of which is in the town of Sandanski.
  3. Number of cinemas - 3 in the municipality, one of which is in the town of Sandanski.
  4. Amateur groups:
    • Ensemble for national folk dances and songs - cultural club "Otets Paisii", the town of Sandanski
    • Dance group to Agricultural College
    • Mandoline orchestra to Agricultural College
    • Children's dance group to Children's complex
    • Vocal group "Zvanche" to Children's complex
    • Vocal group "Shturche" to II Elementary School - Sandanski
    • Group for authentic folklore - the village of Sklave
    • Sports dances club "Feeriya" - Sandanski
    • Sports dances - to cultural club "Otets Paisii" - Sandanski

Local fairs and holidays

  1. 1.Cultural initiatives and manifestations on a national level:
    • Festival of the author's song "Pirin folk" - September.
    • Balkan festival of movies and TV programmes for children and young people - September.
  2. 2.Traditional regional and municipal holidays:
    • The Liberation of the town of Sandanski from Turkish yoke - 20 October.
    • My native town celebration - the first Thursday after Easter.
    • Mummer's carnival - 1 January.
    • Immature red wine celebration - 28-30 December.
    • Municipal celebration of the amateur art activity - May.

Sandanski municipality is a host and a co-organizer of the very popular "Pirin folk" festival. It is held in the last summer days in three festival evenings (2 competitive evenings and the last one presents the ceremonial concert of the awarded songs and singers). The brand name "Pirin folk" has been registered by the local composer Valentin Penzov as a brand name of the municipality in the Patent Department of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The first festival has been held by "Simex" company with the cooperation of Sandanski municipality in September 1993. The selection of the songs allowed to enter into the competition is made by a jury appointed by "Simex" company. Director of the festival is Pavel Krondev. The festival "Pirin folk" aims to make popular the author's Macedonian song at a folklore base and to find young talented people in the sphere of music. Among the participants of the festival are popular and favourite folk singers: Sashka Vaseva, Yordanka Vardzhiiska, Lili Ivanova, Daniela Nikiforova, the duet Valentin and Sevdalina Spasovi, Iliya Lukov, Emil Ristoskov, Rayko Kirilov, Vasko Lazarov, the duet Riton, Nelina and many others.

Sandanski municipality is a region with a traditional presence in the production of wines. In the end of December 1992 Sandanski municipality together with "Otets Paisii" cultural club, "Vinprom" company in the village of Damyanitsa and "Mira" company have organized the first celebration of immature red wine with the purpose to reward the efforts of the private wineries in the municipality. The celebration is held each year and includes a competition for the best red wine selection from the region of Sandanski and Melnik. The competition is carried out by a professional jury from "Vinprom" - the village of Damyanitsa. Private wineries from the region can enter into the competition. Recently along with the rewards certificates for quality are issued after a complete chemical analysis of the wines. The celebration of the immature wine is attractive to the local people especially with the two barrels of wine designated for free consumption.


Local radio-centres - the town of Sandanski. They service the village of Polenitsa and the village of Dzhigurovo.

Private radio station "Geya -Alex" in the town of Sandanski, which covers the the territory of the whole municipality.

Radio station "Vega".


Sport facilities

  1. 1.Stadium and a training ground in the town of Sandanski.
  2. 2.Outdoors volleyball playgrounds in the town of Sandanski.
  3. 3.Outdoors basketball pitches in the town of Sandanski, supplied with their own electric lighting.
  4. 4.Outdoors handball ground in the town of Sandanski.
  5. 5.Swimming pools:
    • A competitive swimming pool for aquatic jumps 20/20. It is equipped with two one meter and two three meter spring-boards and 3 м, 5 м, 7,5 м and 10 м. platforms Depth - 10 м. An outdoors one. .
    • Children's swimming pool 12,5/20 м. Depth - 0,90 м. Outdoors.
    • Swimming pool 20/50 м. Depth - 1,20/2 м. Outdoors.
    • Swimming complex at "Swimming sports boarding-school" with:
      • Swimming pools 25/50 м. Depth - 1,20/2 м. outdoors, with a purifying installation and hot water.
      • Children's non-standard round swimming pool with a slide. Depth 0,80 м. outdoors, with hot water.
    • Swimming pool 20/50 м in the village of Damyanitsa.

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